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Cost Transformation


True cost transformation simplifies, refocuses, and strengthens your organization to spur growth and improve customer experience. Our approach leverages traditional elements of cost analysis with a robust methodology supporting customized capabilities that enable you to promote, reward, and continually improve a sustainable cost management structure. We do this through no-cost assessments and outcome-driven commercial agreements that limit downside risk and maximize value for the business.

Our accelerated cost reduction method is not a reactive tool, it is a proactive, strategic lever to become more competitive over time, while also seeing immediate impact to margins and profitability. Most will start realizing savings 60 days after kickoff. Leveraging proprietary tools and approaches, a foundation is built to capture the current state of the business and define the future state in a way that supports the full engagement of stakeholders to fully realize the benefits of accelerated cost reduction. In addition, initiative governance and controls are carefully designed to mitigate risks related to productivity, employee engagement, and customer satisfaction.

Our proven methodology and consultative business model is unique, it ties program costs to achievement milestones, along with the delivery of tangible benefits. We partner with business leaders to get a deep understanding of your operating model, we interview functional leaders, and we leverage key information to document the scale and scope of a self-funding transformational program that will unlock value and mitigate cost pressure.

Our Zero-Based Budgeting method offers a unique opportunity to capture operational efficiencies, stimulate growth, and boost performance across multiple dimensions. Our detailed process incorporates an audit to ensure associated spending is appropriately categorized (often 15-20 percent is not), a review of opportunities for improvement, and the establishment of a capacity-based bud get that is directly tied to business needs and targeted service levels.We work in partnership with your finance department to establish a zero-based budgeting approach that will support annual planning and quarterly reporting, and establish a standard approach to justify resourcing as business and market needs evolve.

The costs of digitization are increasing technology budgets, both as a share of operating expenses and in absolute dollars. Our business-driven approach to technology cost management will help you eliminate waste, improve alignment, and accelerate your strategy. We assess technology costs within the context of your entire business, achieving quick wins, and building momentum to fundamentally change the cost curve. Our focus on business application and operational cost impacts is designed to provide finance with the models necessary to govern costs, manage risks, and develop internal capabilities to build upon success.

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