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The only global best practices we will ever apply to your business are those that are truly global. Otherwise, in all matters, we keep the unique context of your country—all laws, regulations, and circumstances—top of mind. Recommendations and plans are limited to those which can be realistically and effectively executed.

LoBue US & Canada Market Map

United States

Global digitalization has permanently shifted work habits. New challenging technologies are poised to transform business. And it remains unclear how “America First” will express itself in the changing political landscape. These issues are just the tip of the iceberg faced by American companies. You must find a roadmap to success, acquire the tools to build a winning model, and find a way to catch up to new technologies, consumer preferences, production patterns, and trends. LoBue can get you there.

Latin America

Political turmoil, currency instability, unfair practices.Businesses in this region have many challenges to overcome. Especially with increasing competition from the Asia Pacific. One solution lies in individual productivity, open markets, and more efficient production and exporting of commodities. All while meeting demands from 5G, streaming data, and real-time business practices. Leverage our long history of helping South American companies evolve.

LoBue Latin American & Caribbean Market Map
LoBue Eurozone & Eastern Block Market Map


Brexit is just one piece of the puzzle. Each year the EU’s economic landscape becomes more complex. You cannot depend on the multitude of political systems and shifting legislative tides to keep your interests safe, productive, and competitive. Productivity and flexibility are key. LoBue can help you set and achieve your goals and help to insulate you from the many shifting tides.

Middle East

Some of the biggest challenges in this region include productivity, increased global competition, declining energy revenues, and the ever-present political instability. The challenges here are unprecedented, and it often feels like increased operational performance is required simply to survive. Here’s the great news, at LoBue, we have transformed companies throughout the Middle East. Our experience in the region spans over 30 years.We have the expertise to keep you above water and set a course that will help your company thrive.

LoBue Middle East & Africa (MENA) Market Map
LoBue Asia Pacific Market Map

Asia Pacific

In the Asia Pacific, trade practices are shifting, technology best practices are being rewritten, and the challenges seem to be increasing at a blistering pace. To add to that, demand is being disrupted through new energy production methods, mass adoption of 5G, and the electric vehicle. This landscape requires a lot of forward-thinking and the willingness to become flexible and even more efficient. We have been guiding businesses in this region toward more successful outcomes since 1981, and we can do the same for you.