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Our History

Founded in 1981 by three Bankers, LoBue set out to provide a new type of consultancy, one that would provide clients with a focused proposal, detailed deliverables, and payments tied to successful program results. Our model included implementation, as we believed “pretty books” don’t do the job.

From these fundamental beliefs we have built a consultancy that has matured into a global practice, with success stories in over 45 countries around the globe. As we grow, we never lost sight of our base beliefs. All LoBue programs include tangible deliverables and a joint program team of full-time assigned consultants working in partnership with client teams to ensure success.

We have turned adversity into opportunity, whether it was the Savings and Loans Crisis, the Internet Bubble, or the Great Recession, we have adapted and become stronger in our dedication to helping our clients succeed.

Along the way, we have built program tools to ensure consistency in delivery and valuable leave-behinds for ongoing success.

Clients have adopted our methodology for guiding their Program Management offices, used our project training materials in their internal management training centers, and engaged us for many programs spanning decades.

Word of mouth is our primary marketing program, and we believe that we are only as good as our last assignment. We look forward to building upon that success for the next 40 years.