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LoBue is a boutique consulting firm that helps companies redesign their operations, improve their performance, and permanently change how business gets done.

Strategy Driven. Process Oriented. Results Focused.

LoBue - Over 40 Years in Business

Over 40 Years

With over 40 years of experience,
our value is unmatched.

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Over 400 Projects

With more than 400 successful
projects, we guarantee results.

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Over 45 Countries

Personal service
with a global reach.

A Message from the Chairman

Carl LoBue - Chairman

Today, we have become an international consulting firm that serves clients in 45 countries. We have expanded to multiple industries. And we have successfully completed over 400 projects. But some things have not changed. We still value integrity and trust. We still focus on continuous improvement— yours and ours. And we still keep our mission simple. LoBue fulfills a simple mission: We make you successful. We develop a deep understanding of your needs, your constraints, and your desired objectives. We define an appropriate direction forward. We redesign your business to point you straight towards your goals. And we work hand-in-hand to make sure you get there. We’ve done this for 40 years. We started as a small practice, founded by three banking executives, and we only served financial firms in North America. But we quickly expanded. We took on international clients. We took on clients in new industries. We have survived every crisis—from Savings-and-Loans, to the Internet Bubble, to the Great Recession—and learned from every market adjustment.

Carl LoBue - Chairman
Carl LoBue - Chairman

Change Happens, But We Have Your Back.

Your world has changed. You need to transform to get back on track. And you need the right partner to help you at every step of your journey.
LoBue is a partner you can trust to navigate those changes successfully, with the proven tools and know-how to set you on a clear path to success. We always deliver, and we can do the same for you.

Experience You Can Trust

Over the last 40 years we’ve gone from a small hometown consulting firm to a global force with over 400 projects across 45 countries. We did it by staying focused on improvement—yours and ours. Integrity and trust are just as important to us now as when we were first founded in 1981. During the last 40 years, our clients have thrived no matter the business landscape. Let us help you thrive as well.

Transforming Business for the Better

We apply a proven process to help businesses transform into lean, mean, goal-achieving machines. It all begins with 3 steps, which we’d love to go over with you when you schedule your first consultation.

  • Map a clear path to performance improvement.
  • Identify the best options to create greater upside for your business.
  • Access your potential by evaluating new business models and analyzing the value of their underlying operations.

Our Work

Post Investment Transformation

US Dental Chain

Private Equity Client Investment in Blockchain IT Platform

Blockchain Information Technology

Private Equity Client Investment in Logistics Tech Company

Logistics Technology

Private Equity Client Investment in Lead Generation Technology

Lead Generation Technology

Every country brings its own unique challenges, opportunities, and requirements.

Our Leaders

Carl LoBue - Chairman

Carl LoBue

Roy LoBue - Chief Executive Officer

Roy LoBue

Chief Executive Officer
Hazem Mardini - MENA Regional Manager

Hazem Mardini

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