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Transform your Business with LoBue’s Services

LoBue offers a field-tested suite of four services that systematically move you from your current state to your higher-performance future.

Map a Clear Path to Performance Improvement

Assess your potential— evaluate new business models, analyze the value of their underlying operations, and identify your best options to create greater upside.

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Connect the Dots in Your Business Operations

Create a new picture of what an agile, efficient, high-performance organization can look like in your industry.

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Go Deeper Than Digital Trends and Buzzwords

Sharpen your current digital state— clarify your CX requirements, upgrade your agility, modernize your processes, and free your people to deliver on your digital vision.

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Embrace a Data-Driven Management Culture

Upgrade your decisions. Drive the flow of information with the right data, tools, and processes. Align your objectives to real-time management information, derive ongoing insights from your data, and build a culture of performance management.

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Division of a Major Insurance Company

Your program has been invaluable to giving me the platform I need for success.

-Recently Appointed CFO

Child Support Collections Company

Your program clinched the $25 million in new funding that we needed.


Country Leading Commercial Bank

LoBue is the most professional and driven organization I have ever experienced.


Large US Bank

We are writing a new chapter in service to our clients.

-Executive VP

Create a Better Business

Experience a complete business transformation from the ground up.

Real Improvment

Strengthen the foundation of your business by restructuring your vision. strategy, and day-to-day operations.

Client: Mid-Size Regional Bank

Problem: Increased customer defections, regulatory burdens, and operating inefficiencies.

Solution: LoBue analyzed customer complaints: aligned processes to regulations: and rationalized multiple business lines.

Outcome: 30% capacity Improvement — $3 million Direct expenses Savings — 85% Reduction in Customer Complaints — Full Compliance Achieved
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Real Results

Gain quantifiable, meaningful improvments on the metrics that really matter — like sales, FTE, and operational expenses.

Client: Newly Merged Money Center Bank

Problem: Two global banks merged and faced both integration challenges and a mandate to reduce direct expenses by $70 million.

Solution: LoBue eliminated redundant facilities, personnel, and systems; redesigned processes, operations, and management systems; and applied best practices within support operations.

Outcome: $110 Million Direct Cost Savings After 15 Months
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Real Change

Continue to grow after your engagement by leveraging your new knowledge, management processes, and leadership skills.

Client: Large International Bank

Problem: The bank’s international operations unit implemented a new IT platform that remained in pilot after 3 years, with 27 months left until complete rollout.

Solution: LoBue developed a new implementation roadmap with accurate costs and timetables; installed quantitative management culture; and provided appropriate methodologies and processes.

Outcome: $13 Million in First Year Savings
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