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For over 40 years, LoBue has recognized that partnering with like minded organizations around the globe has allowed us to have a greater positive impact on our clients as well as the industries that we serve. We have cultivated relationships with the teams that offer complimenting services to better serve our clients with a more impactive and inclusive solutions.

OCX Cognition

OCX Cognition predicts customer futures. Our breakthrough SaaS predictive CX analytics solution, Spectrum AI, lets enterprises transform what’s possible in customer experience. Reduce your customer risk, break down silos, and drive speedy action – when you can see what’s coming, you can change the outcome. Building on more than 15 years of CX-focused expertise, we’ve harnessed today’s advances in AI, elastic computing, and data science to deliver on the promise of customer-driven financial results. Learn more at www.ocxcognition.com (Read more)

mLogica is a technology and product consulting company, providing Database Performance Management and Remote Database Administration services.

Legacy to the Cloud Founded in 2004 by visionaries from leading technology organizations, mLogica’s leaders envisioned a faster, more efficient way of modernizing IT infrastructures to eliminate the skyrocketing costs of legacy systems that had stymied innovation and eaten away at enterprise profitability for years. They also realized modernization offered their customers the opportunity to harness the power of globally dispersed data to build revenue. (Read more)

Amberoon’s Lucre is a modernized Anti-Money Laundering (AML) solution.

Amberoon develops agile financial technologies to help banks measure, monitor, manage and mitigate operational risk from financial crimes, create efficient systems for compliance, and measure performance against peer institutions. Amberoon solutions leverage advances in artificial intelligence, data engineering and security in two critical functions: Agile Compliance, to offer deep regulatory insights; and Agile Risk Analytics, to support key operational decisions. Amberoon's cloud-based systems are designed to co-exist with existing systems. (Read more)