Trust & Investment Bank Sales

Trust Bank


A major money center Trust and Investment Bank was experiencing lost revenue opportunities due to insufficiently trained sales staff in their Unit Investment Trust Business.

The high technical requirements for successful sales persons were inhibiting recruitment of new sales persons and limiting the Business expansion opportunity.

LoBue Group was engaged to review and evaluate how to improve on existing sales persons productivity.


  • Redesign the sales support functions into one centralized support function and move non-sales activities from sales persons to the centralized unit.
  • Optimize workforce model for smarter resource effectiveness and leverage.
  • Improve key operations processes for maximizing efficiency and reducing customer turnaround time.
  • Redefine organizational model to support business scaling and expertise enhancement.
  • Re-engineer the client on-boarding process.
  • Define a performance measurement and management process for excellence sustainability.


The implementation of all recommendations was completed in 6 months with the following results:

Existing Sales person productivity was improved by 100%.

Reduction in lost sales created a 30% increase in new business volumes within 12 months.

The centralized processing facility supported the elimination of redundant positions resulting in a 20% productivity improvement in operations functions while absorbing increasing volumes.

With a significant reduction in cost of sales, new pricing flexibility was achieved while improving margins.