Client Fulfillment Center Reengineering

Major Credit Reporting Agency


A new CEO was assigned responsibility for two organizations whose combined efforts was to provide custom solutions and fulfillment in a highly regulated environment.  These organizations were accommodating significant annual growth in volume at a very high level of quality.  Operational and technical challenges were limiting their ability to continue to accommodate the increases in volume and pressure from competitors was increasing as they leveraged technology to improve turnaround time and offer lower prices as a differentiation strategy.

Internal capacity had to be improved and costs reduced so that savings could be re-invested in building capacity within the organization.

  • Integrate the two organizations, consolidating responsibility for the business process
  • Implementation of change management strategy
  • Improve the visibility of management data throughout the process
  • Review and rationalization of all processes, end-to-end
  • Creation of formal training program
  • Evolution of internal and external Service and Performance Level Agreements
  • Offset systemic limitations in current operating environment
  • Annual savings of 2 million per year
  • Improved internal capacity by 15 percent without additional technology investment
  • Reduced cycle time by over 45 percent, providing a step-change in service delivery
  • Established control points for predictable quality control and results
  • With the same staff levels, the Client experienced a 50% increase in volume with no backlogs