Roy LoBue

Chief Executive Officer

Roy LoBue - Chief Executive Officer

Roy LoBue
Chief Executive Officer

T: 702.898.6940
M: 702.332.1897


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Roy LoBue has designed, directed, and implemented many organization-wide transformation programs that have generated over $300 million in operating efficiencies, positioned go to market strategies for increased sales and profitability, and guided senior management teams to provide the drive and leadership for continuing improvement throughout the organization.   

His 15 years as a program leader at LoBue coupled with his many self-development programs, including an advanced degree in Data Analytics has provided him with a solid business acumen that LoBue Group clients have come accustomed to leveraging in their business challenges.   

He has meaningful experience on five continents and understands the human element in many cultures.  This diverse experience is typical at LoBue and Roy has set the bar for all LoBue Program participants.   

As a CEO leading a Global Consultancy, he understands the daily challenges and those that require strategic responses. This adds to his value for LoBue clients across the globe and keeps him ahead of the curve inBusiness Transformations.