Performance Management

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Upgrade your decisions. Drive the flow of information with the right data, tools, and processes. Align your objectives to real-time management information, derive ongoing insights from your data, and build a culture of performance management through our simple yet powerful proven methodology.

LoBue Performance Management Progression
Step 1

Objectives and Target Metrics Identification

First, we define business objectives and the priority outcomes that will underpin your performance program.  We then identify the key drivers and the most meaningful key performance indicators (KPI’s) for each of your organizational units across multiple performance categories.

Typically, performance categories include:

  • Productivity: KPIs that measure the results of your day-to-day outputs and inputs.
  • Service: KPIs that quantify your customer experience levels.
  • Quality: KPIs that help you uncover and reduce your error rates.
  • Business Development: KPIs that map to your revenue drivers.

Step 2

Framework Details and Definition

Next, we prepare a comprehensive performance dictionary. Your unique “dictionary” will include full metric definitions, as well as the formulas, calculations, and detailed data source mapping that will lead to a seamless deployment your KPI’s.

Step 3

Solution Design

Then, we design your performance program’s supporting data models— as well as concise, focused, action-oriented dashboards that deliver actionable insights. Each of your dashboards will visualize your relevant KPIs and their analysis, and provide every member of your organization with the at-a-glance insights they need to make better data-driven decisions for your business and their own individual performance.

Step 4

Deployment and Governance

After we design your solution, we work hand-in-hand with you and your people to integrate and implement it at every level of your organization. We start by standardizing and structuring the required metric source data across multiple sources. We then either feed your data into our proprietary AI/Big Data-driven business performance platform, or leverage your existing analytics platform investments. We then build, test and launch your custom dashboards. To ensure you and your people can use your platform from day one, we provide high-touch training and onboarding to each member of your management teams, departments, and staff. Finally, we design and implement a governance program keeps your performance program sustainable against the demands of your ever-changing business climate.

Benefits for the Enterprise

Your performance management program will become your source for consistent, accurate organizational performance data. It will focus your entire team on core objectives. It will provide a new component to enhance your decision-making and change management activities, and drive a new set of structured management processes that will continue to improve your performance long after this engagement ends.


Performance Management • Everyone Participates

Metrics • Measure • Manage

Real Results Examples for Performance Management

Health Care Insurer Rationalization

Major Insurance Company

Major Health Care Insurer with three lines of business desired to rationalize the Corporate support organization costing $850 million year. Management targeted savings of $30 million annually.

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Community Banking Model Implementation

Leading Financial Services Organization: Asia-Pacific

The client’s retail bank was segregated between sales and service from its branches through the top of the organization. Customer experience and community engagement was lacking due to individual product groups targeting the same customer.

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Retail Banking Optimization

Leading Middle East Bank

The market leading bank of this GCC country had experienced a dramatic growth in its retail base customer base causing serious deterioration of service and attrition of high valued customers.

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