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…and create a new picture of what an agile, efficient, high-performance organization can look like in your industry. Our transformation solution gives you a battle-tested methodology that we have honed over 40 years of change. We have guided hundreds of businesses through their own real-world evolutions, and we know how to take you through yours. We will dive deep into your organization’s inner workings. We will embrace the realities of your business. And we will leverage your strengths, resources, and initiatives, to complete your transformation effort and produce real results— guaranteed.

Total Business Transformation Progression

Performance Assessment

An in-depth, on-site, operations-focused assessment of your entire organization. We will dig deep into every moving part that drives your business; your functions, your processes, your people, and—most important—what your customers need from you. We will uncover your underlying issues and hidden opportunities, and launch your transformation from a position of total transparency.

Operational Performance

A radical approach to optimizing operational performance. We will apply comprehensive modeling to define your customer experience requirements. We will then design new processes to deliver on those requirements in a cost-effective manner. And, we will tactically redesign your operating model and rebuild your organization to make sure your processes are effectively performed.

Digital Performance

A practical approach to digital transformation that ensures your modernization efforts produce meaningful results. We will assess your current digital state then focus process design and change efforts to enable your organization to meet its digital performance objectives.

Performance Management

The culmination of your transformation— the key component that locks in your changes. We will embed performance management principles, processes, and tools into every layer of your organization. We will continuously measure every element of your performance and relentlessly track them against your objectives. And we will help you use this data to refine your operations until every action you take produces real results, again and again.

Real Results Examples for Total Business Transformation

International Private Bank

Major Money Center Bank, Asia Pacific Location

The Private Bank was saddled with very high direct and allocated expenses for it’s Asia Pacific Private Bank due to poor coordination between country operations and layered decisioning processes.

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Health Care Insurer Rationalization

Major Insurance Company

Major Health Care Insurer with three lines of business desired to rationalize the Corporate support organization costing $850 million year. Management targeted savings of $30 million annually.

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Trade Finance Operation Systems Program

U.S. Office of a European-based Bank

Client desired to eliminate paper flow in trade processing and improve operating efficiency.

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Bank-Wide Organizational Restructuring

Leading MEA Bank

One of the largest banks in Middle East was faced with an organizational structure unable to scale with its current business let alone its strategic objectives.

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Credit Services Operations Restructuring

Major Credit Rating Agency

Client had a multi-million dollar run rate expense issue across the entire organization. Initial high-priority focus centered on Operations, requiring in-depth evaluation of opportunities for generating greater efficiencies.

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