Valerie Williamson

Senior consultant

Valerie Williamson  Senior Consultant

Valerie Williamson
Senior Consultant

T: 702.898.6940
M: 702.858.2213


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Valerie Williamson is a Senior Consultant with LoBue Group with extensive management and operations experience in demanding and dynamic environments. An attentive and goal-focused consultant brings a successful approach to cultivating complex best practices to meet organizational and regulatory expectations.Detailed-oriented focus on achieving expected outcomes. Enthusiastic, a hard working worker with expertise in cultivating lucrative client relationships and implementing better processes and procedures.

As a former leader in Operations practice, she is an inventive Operational Expert with comprehensive knowledge of business techniques, methods, and principles. Outstanding expertise in diverse business functions, including HR-employe experience, customer experience, analytics, process re-design management, and project implementation. Exceptional negotiation and multitasking abilities and are Lean Six-Sigma Black Belt certified. She received numerous recognition awards for operational and customer service excellence during her tenure.

Valerie is a native Chicagoan. In 2001 she joined the firm and had participated in and led numerous customer and employee experience projects, including process re-engineering, operational transformation, and organizational skill optimization globally.

Some of Valeri's notable accomplishments are;
- Oversaw property selection, build-out, and managed a “Start-up” Regional Processing Center on the West Coast, USA
- Authored and designed the firm’s Operational Training Series (OTS)
- Identified and implemented an alternate use for existing equipment, eliminating 90% manual processing and salary reduction of 60 percent
- Identified as a High-potential Manager, participated in and completed an Accelerated Business Management Program.

Valerie is active in community outreach and often participates in many discussion panels to educate the community on how to improve quality of life. She loves traveling, creative writing, reading, and learning about different cultures across the globe.

Educated at the University of Connecticut and actively participates in alumni projects, fundraisers, and community outreach efforts.