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Mohammad Itani - Consultant

Mohammad Itani

T: 702.898.6940
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Mohammad Itani has a solid background in business operations and transformation methodologies. Mohammad has held positions in Operations Management and has overseen the transformation and expansion of centralized operations activities.Within his career, Mr. Itani held various management roles in Organization& reengineering, Centralized Operations, Retail Operations andTransformation. His experience and expertise include but not limited to  SWIFT & payments systems, Clearing,Payments, Trade Finance Operations, Treasury Back Office, Cash Handling, Loans& Credit Cards operations and Digital Channels Operations. Earlier in his career, Mohammad worked in an operational role in the acquiring business of CSC, a leading credit card services provider. A Consultant with seventeen years of business process reengineering experience, Mohammad has excellent communication skills, developed from interacting with stakeholders across organizations to achieve tangible results.  

Career Highlights
· FTEReduction of 15 percent
· Sales Increase of 200 percent
· Improved Turnaround time by 70 percent
· Operational Cost Reduction by 20 percent
· Dollar Savings estimated to be 3.6 MM
· Experience covers but not limited to Private equities, Government Agencies, Banking, Insurance, Data science and Blockchain.