Marc D. Veltri

Marketing Director

Marc D. Veltri - Marketing Director

Marc D. Veltri
Marketing Director

T: 702.898.6940
M: 702.493.8204


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Marc D. Veltri is the Marketing Director for LoBue and is responsible for the firms marketing and branding efforts while focusing on digital and social media, along with internal and external communications, content, production, design, and strategy.  He has stepped outside the marketing box with an entrepreneurial approach and has been instrumental in aligning all internal processes as it relates to branding consistency and communication internally as well as client facing.

Marc’s prior experience is derived from multiple industries stretched across the United States. He spent the first half of his career in the entertainment business creating several brands that ultimately were sold off to become nationally recognized organizations and brands within the entertainment industry.   

After playing his hand in the entertainment industry, Marc was Instrumental in developing and launching a luxury vehicle rental and sales company in the Las Vegas market which ultimately sold within two years for a substantial profit. After which he ventured into the AEC (architectural, engineering, construction) Industry where he was able to refresh and reintroduce a sixty-five-year-old engineering firm into the hospitality development sector resulting in multiple M&A offers. Following that he was recruited by a small start-up technology related engineering firm where he was tasked to launch an idea into the marketplace. The launch was successful, and the firm exceeded financial expectations while receiving several M&A offers within the first 18 months to market.  

Marc holds an AAS degree in small business management and a BS degree in business marketing along with certificates in website management and graphic design.  He is a father of two teenagers, musician, woodworking hobbyist, and has logged close to a half million miles on his Harley Davidson.