Carl LoBue


Carl LoBue - Chairman

Carl LoBue

T: 702.898.6940
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Over the last four decades Carl has developed a firm belief, if you improve your business infrastructure you will improve results.  For 40 years LoBue Group has proven this point working with dozens of enterprises where measurable improvements in efficiency, sales and market value were the result. 

Carl has built a reputation of providing valuable insights on optimizing business infrastructure, positioning in the market, turning around troubled divisions or entire businesses, and keeping executives focused on what is important for their business---delivering tangible results. 

With experience in over 45 countries and serving on many Private and Public Boards he has become an expert in performing pre-acquisition due diligence, post-acquisition transformation, turnarounds, and P.E. advisory services. Besides the financial services industry he has provided his expertise in health care, blockchain, distribution and manufacturing. 

Available to all LoBue clients, Carl is proud of his real-world insights developed over decades of involvement with challenges around the globe.