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Partnering services: PxCube

Partnering Services: PxCube


Next, we conduct a thorough investigation into every core capability that can drive performance improvement and increase value. We typically investigate the following capabilities:

- Performance Management – How you drive and measure results. Typically includes the KPIs, reporting structures, and staffing models that form your structured management processes.

- End-to-End Processes
– How you deliver your core service or product offering. Typically includes your macro-level end-to-end workflows, as well as your governance and controls.

- Sales & Marketing – How you gain new leads and sales. Typically includes your current qualified pipeline, the efficiency & incentives of your current structures, and how you adopt new systems.HR – How you allocate resources across functions. Typically includes your performance & incentive programs, your job descriptions & training programs, and your administrative functions.

- IT Infrastructure – How your current technology systems are performing. Typically includes the systems that will support your day-to-day operations and your growth strategy.