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Change Management

Change Management

Map a Clear Path to Performance ImprovementAssess your potential— evaluate new business models, analyze the value of their underlying operations, and identify your best options to create greater upside. Achieving improved performance requires a comprehensive view of an organization to be able to create tangible goals the meet that objective. Organizations looking within for improvements or Private Equity firms seeking to define the potential of a portfolio company will benefit from an Operational Due Diligence process. The assessment is performed thoroughly along a remarkably shortened timeline.

Strategy Review

First, we take a baseline of your current strategy and develop a picture of your planned business model. We interview your executives, management team, and designated stakeholders; as well as key personnel in each relevant function. We review your key priorities and objectives. We look at your critical projects (current and planned). And then we analyze your performance statistics, processes, and structures to identify the key factors that will drive future value.

Operational Deep-Dive

Next, we conduct a thorough investigation into every core capability that can drive performance improvement and increase value. We typically investigate the following capabilities:

- Performance Management – How you drive and measure results. Typically includes the KPIs, reporting structures, and staffing models that form your structured management processes.

- End-to-End Processes
– How you deliver your core service or product offering. Typically includes your macro-level end-to-end workflows, as well as your governance and controls.

- Sales & Marketing – How you gain new leads and sales. Typically includes your current qualified pipeline, the efficiency & incentives of your current structures, and how you adopt new systems.HR – How you allocate resources across functions. Typically includes your performance & incentive programs, your job descriptions & training programs, and your administrative functions.

- IT Infrastructure – How your current technology systems are performing. Typically includes the systems that will support your day-to-day operations and your growth strategy.

Financial Analysis

Before we complete our assessment, we assess your planned business model versus financial projections, and define the financial impact of operational improvements. We outline both the financial upside produced by each improvement, as well as the investment required to realize those opportunities. To give you a clear picture of the future environment and the associated opportunities, we utilize standardized proformas and project future outcomes.

Performance Roadmap

Finally, we share the results of our assessment. We provide your management team with a high-level Executive De-Briefing that includes both our observations and our strategic recommendations to improve revenue, customer experience, and efficiency. In a detailed report, we present our findings and organize our recommendations into a practical roadmap that includes the resources and timelines needed to achieve the projected results.