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4 Services, 1 Outcome— Real Results.

Follow a Proven Path to Transform Your Business

LoBue offers a field-tested suite of four services that systematically move you from your current state to your higher-performance future.

Transform Your Business with Four Simple Services

We have completed 400+ transformation projects, across 45 countries, for nearly 40 years. It’s not luck. We learned how to transform businesses in the field. We packaged everything we learned into a set of four core services that connect the dots between your complex business operations and deliver guaranteed results. They are process-driven. They are methodology-rich. They are flexible enough to fit your unique context. And they work every time.

Uncover the Opportunities Hiding in Your Operations

Operational Due Diligence

Realize rapid bottom-line results. With LoBue, you will find your performance gaps, uncover your new revenue lines, and define a tactical plan to seize your opportunities.

Disrupt Yourself— Before Someone Does It for You

Total Business Transformation

Transform your business without the heavy lifting. With LoBue, you will deploy proven methodologies and processes to bring your new performance-driven business to life.

Design, Deliver, and Drive a New Digital-First Business

Digital Enablement

Enter the 21st century. With LoBue, you will assess your readiness for digital transformation, find gaps in your strategy, and capture game-changing opportunities.

Improve and Extend the Results of Your Business

Performance Management

Manage the performance of your employees, customers, revenue, and risk. With LoBue, you will combine analytics, benchmarks, and methodologies in one platform.

Real Results Examples for LoBue Services

Solution for Failed Technology Program

U.S. Super-Regional Bank with Overseas Offices

Merger and restructuring activity had put a new Trade Services technology program three years behind schedule.

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Global BPO Turnaround

Global Outsourcing Solutions Provider

A global BPO firm providing direct to Consumer and Business- related contact center and back-office processing solutions needed to re-structure its organization and rationalize its processes, in order to remain competitive in the market.

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Trade Finance Operation Systems Program

U.S. Office of a European-based Bank

Client desired to eliminate paper flow in trade processing and improve operating efficiency.

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Investment Banking Merger Integration

Newly Merged Money Center Bank

The merger of two Global Banks required the integration of the respective Investment & Private Banking divisions. The LoBue Group was called in when merger fell 12 months behind schedule.

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Wealth Management Redesign

Large US Bank

A merger between two large money center U.S. Banks had taken place, and the organization had to consolidate the two Wealth Management functions at an annual cost savings of $80 million.

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Division of a Major Insurance Company

Your program has been invaluable to giving me the platform I need for success.

-Recently Appointed CFO

Country Leading Commercial Bank

LoBue is the most professional and driven organization I have ever experienced.


Child Support Collections Company

Your program clinched the $25 million in new funding that we needed.


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