Trade Finance Operation Systems Program

U.S. Office of a European-based Bank


The Client needed to increase operating efficiency, improve MIS controls and develop a contingency (disaster recovery) plan for its Documentary Credit Processing Unit. Key goals were to eliminate paper document processing and increase workflow capacity. Additionally, the Client wanted to undertake the implementation of new technology that would include document imaging and control.


Replacement System

  • Assisted the Client by developing a User Requirements Document for a new Imaging and Document Control System, followed by conducting a Request for Proposal, Vendor Selection, and System Design and Installation.
  • Evaluated Client's existing technologies and the new technology planned for installation, including internal and external interfaces.
  • Collected, identified and catalogued all source documents used to populate the current and proposed systems.
  • Coordinated user and management efforts to create a customized system.
  • Recommended reengineering all workflow processes prior to system development and implementation for maximum operational performance and minimum system development expense.

Operational Improvements

  • Developed and implemented Management Performance Indicators which were a first for the Client. They included: cost per transaction, monthly transaction volumes, and progress tracking of documentary credit work in process.
  • Created a Capacity Planning Model to ensure management could track volumes and processing times to meet planning and staffing requirements.
  • Implemented the use of multiple levels of transaction approvals, reducing transaction processing time and empowering senior technicians.
  • Adjusted the transaction pricing schedule for specialized service requests.


Implementation of the new system, based on revised process flows, expanded the Trade Finance Unit's processing capacity by 30% and reduced direct operating expense by 27%. In addition, the quality and timeliness improvements led to a 20% year on year increase in trade revenues.