System Conversion & Call Center Services

Subsidiary Bank of Wall Street Investment Bank


The Client was in the midst of a system conversion that was behind schedule and over budget. The conversion included three key aspects, the core system, CRM, and on-line banking. The conversion team was lacking dedicated resources required for the conversion and the systems infrastructure was deficient for proper testing and training. The main recipients of the new systems had not begun the training required to be able to go live and no prior training documentation existed to build new training material. Additionally, Initiatives related to the internet site conversion were seriously behind schedule. Impacted areas included branch operations, on-line banking, payment processing, call center operations, and new accounts.

LoBue was requested to join the project manager and conversion team to advance the system conversion timeline and meet newly stated target dates.


LoBue conducted an immediate situation analysis to assess the needs for a successful system conversion. A revised implementation plan was completed to include requirements for training and procedures, while expanding on the existing systems-centric plan. Implementation included:

  • Development of a Training program for Call Center and new accounts
  • Expediting procurement of critical systems hardware needed for back-up, training, and production
  • Updates for policy and procedure changes
  • Modifications required for accountholder agreement documentation
  • Reports Analysis
  • User Acceptance Testing for Core System, CRM, and related modules for internal payments and internet bank.
  • Website development requirements for adaptation to the new system


The system conversion was completed without a service interruption. The installation of the CRM and enhanced functionality of the Call Center and website features provided the Bank and its customers a platform for improved service. LoBue provided system testing and troubleshooting for enhanced CRM functionality, including a funds transfer module and processes designed with workflow systems.

Significant enhancement in the conversion plan, particularly in the area of training and newly documented policy and procedures, reduced the risk of operational and financial risk at the time of conversion and provided proper documentation needed for on-going operations.

At the time of conversion, the Bank’s deposit business experienced a period of growth resulting in the need for newly trained staff. The establishment of a training program, developed for the system conversion was further enhanced to include in new-hire training, a benefit that continued to pay dividends well after the system was installed.