Securities Processing Operations

Domestic Commercial Bank


The client was a rapidly growing securities business selling through the branches of a national commercial bank. The organization consisted of two entities: the dealer bank in Texas and a NASD broker in Ohio. Operations support existed in both locations and two separate systems were utilized.

With a total lack of automation in the branches and severe service problems, there was a need for a unified system with unified management reports.

  • Consolidate all operations.
  • Bring mutual funds processing in-house.
  • Establish a Customer Service unit.
  • Consolidate trading desk.
  • Utilize single system platform.
  • Form mutual funds workstation.
  • Design and conduct procedures training.
  • Institute production management program.

  • A mutual funds workstation was formed to process transactions from start to finish and provide all servicing.
  • All fund processing was brought in-house.
  • Fixed income trading was consolidated.

The client was able to double transaction volume and reduce turnaround on customer inquiries by 60%, while significantly reducing error rates and service problems. A “Critical” Audit rating was improved to “Acceptable” in 6 months and “Superior” in 12 months.