Revitalization of HR Division

Advertising and Marketing Services Agency


The Human Resources, Payroll and Benefits functions of this advertising and marketing firm had numerous process, organization, systems and training issues:

  • Compliance issues in Benefits Administration.
  • Multiple source documents coming into and out of the Human Resource, Payroll and BA processes.
  • Non-standardized processes followed for the same transaction type from Division to Division.
  • Flawed HR 1 employee data.
  • HR1, ADP, Spectrum and Unicare System disconnects.
  • Poor System performance.

Project goals included:

  • Generate a detailed design of reengineered process flows for the HR and Payroll functions, both in the Divisions as well as at Corporate.
  • Develop a plan for the successful implementation of the project recommendations.
  • Develop system specifications and lead the effort to select a new vendor for the new integrated HR and Payroll System.
  • Train key client stakeholders in Change Management and Process Improvement techniques in order to effect improvement initiatives across the organization.

  • Create a single direct reporting HR Organization, removing “dotted line” reporting among Divisions, Groups and Corporate.
  • Centralize the Payroll function into the HR Organization.
  • Transfer the Environment and Safety functions out of HR and into Operations.
  • Transfer HRIS systems responsibility to IT.
  • Standardize the Divisional HR Organization structure to ensure that time is spent on the same functions.
  • Develop standardized HR processes at all levels of the organization.
  • Create and standardize the Management Process and tools.

  • Re-designed Human Resources, Payroll and Benefits Admin processes and organizational structures.
  • Implemented a new Human Resource, Payroll and Benefit Model in anticipation of the new system.
  • Developed and managed the HRIS RFP process.
  • Produced a detailed implementation plan for the overall systems integration and implemented new enhanced management MIS.
  • The program was successfully implemented over a 9 month period resulting in a direct operating savings of $1.5 million and dramatically improved HR service delivery.