Process & Service Improvement

Leading US Finance Company


The client needed to develop new methods of operating in order to maintain its leadership position in a rapidly changing market. The company reached the stage where it was necessary to scrutinize the manner in which it conducted business in loan origination, processing and servicing. Greater efficiency and reduced costs were needed along with improvement in the quality of customer service. Continued success would require creative products and protection of profit margins. The client was also contemplating a possible sale of company.


Place the client in a strategic position where ongoing success would be better supported by an organization structured to respond to the demands of the marketplace by:

  • Manage the customer’s experience from a centralized position.
  • Improve product development process and offer new, high quality, and cost effective products.
  • Improve ability to respond to changing market conditions to maintain its market dominance.
  • Develop the capacity to increase business volume by more than 80% without increasing staff.

  • Direct expense reduction of US $8,700,000 and capacity to absorb an 80% increase in volume.
  • Reorganization and improved business processes resulted in reduced staff of 120 FTE.
  • Establishment of a National Sales Department and sales training program to implement a focused sales strategy.
  • Product Marketing group established to maintain leadership in new product development and time to market.
  • Implementation of formal management process.

The entire business was redesigned, including a realignment of the organization to increase customer service, resulting in dramatically increased financial performance. Business moved from a $4 million loss to a $23 million profit in 24 months.