Investment Service & Ops Rationalization

Major US Based Mutual Fund Company


A major US based Mutual Fund Company was experiencing delays in their processing center which was causing corresponding issues in customer services.  LoBue Group was engaged to assess the situation and recommend and implement changes to alleviate the issues.  LoBue Group found inconsistent process routines between Mutual Fund Family Groups and varying end to end process times.  A result the contact center had difficulty answer client issues in a consistent manner.

  • Centralize all processing into one service center with standard end-to-end processing and same day execution for all transactions.
  • Extend the processing center operating hours to allow for late arriving items to be processed on a same day basis.
  • Develop new MIS for all processing center activities to insure efficient processing and quick adjustments for out of standard activities.
  • Develop new marketing program pre-launch review with Processing Center and Contact Center management to insure proper preparedness for increasing new volumes.
  • Develop a universal agent profile with increased authority for all Contact Center staff through the implementation of new cross-training programs to foster improved first call resolution rates.
  • All processing delays were eliminated in the input center with over 99% same day processing.
  • The input center productivity improved over 30% allowing for significant new volume absorption.
  • Contact Center turnaround times and first call resolutions were dramatically improved with first call resolutions going from 60 % to over 95%.
  • Call times were reduced over 25%.
  • Upon completion of implementation a direct expense reduction of $4.0 million was achieved along with new volume absorption over 20% and reduction of contact center calls of 30%.