Investment Reporting System

Private Banking/Office Group


The consortium needed to design and implement a reporting and processing system for the diversified investment portfolios of their high-net-worth clients. A major need included combining each client’s holdings from various institutions throughout the world into single statements and reports. The LoBue Group was engaged as the result of a failed program by a major systems consultancy firm.


In developing this investment and servicing system, LoBue completed the following:

  • User requirements and specifications, using an object oriented approach and case tools, for a customized portfolio management, transaction processing, and reporting system
  • A system prototype containing all planned functions programmed in C++ and Delphi, and supported by an Oracle database
  • Plans and details to develop the processing organization, including staffing, job and process design, and technical and communications support
  • Development of the technical architecture, including the selection of appropriate packages for servicing software, reporting software and database
  • Total project management, including planning and executing all details of the project from design through full implementation


In the development of a comprehensive project plan and through extensive project management, LoBue provided the total user requirements, detailed process definitions, identification of the data elements, and reporting requirements. LoBue also designed the operating and client service organization, including staffing levels, processes, data and physical security, and levels of customer service. Through the delivery of a system prototype, LoBue ensured the timely implementation for a state-of-the-art private banking system.