Enterprise-Wide Transformation Readiness

Leading Market Bank


A major global commercial bank needed to re-structure its organization and reengineer the key processes for all of its 200+ branches, regional offices and head office departments to improve effienciency and service.

A pilot program was needed to implement process and organizational changes at 35 key branches.


LoBue recommended significant organizational and process changes, including centralizing back office operations out of the branches and converting the branches into specialized service delivery and sales focused units. All positions and processes that did not have direct contact with a customer were moved to the central operations departments. Staff and support functions within the regional offices and Head Office were aligned to support the changes to the delivery channels. Additionally, recommendations were made for implementation of MIS in the Head Office and Branches, establishment of a quality assurance function, and development of a document retention policy and procedures and retention facility.

Major recommendations that were implemented included:

  • Creation of specialized branch positions for Consumer, Commercial and Corporate banking.
  • Restructuring of all operational functions within the head office.
  • Establishment of a Customer Service Unit.
  • Simplification of Loan Processing Operations at both branch and head office level.
  • System implementation for consumer loan products.
  • Establishment of Special Archive Team to analyze all reports/forms and to determine new archive procedures.
  • Establishment of a Quality Assurance Unit.
  • Physical redesign of branches and regional offices.
  • For all head office, branch, and regional operations, newly designed processes were put into place (Desktop Procedures, training schedules, skill matrices, production MIS, capacity models) and the client project team was trained for rollout and further implementation.


Within eight months of completion of the design and recommendations, 35 branches were converted, and head office QA and MIS were implemented.

Total run rate savings implemented during the eight months were over $9 million per year. Final implementation by the client resulted in savings of over $20 million.