Corporate Operations BPR

Major Spanish Bank


The Support division for this major Commercial Bank was tasked with improving quality, timeliness, and efficiency of Corporate Support Operations.

LoBue was asked to conduct a complete Business Process Reengineering program.


LoBue recommendations were focused on obtaining service enhancement and productivity gains.

  • Reorganize loan processing into client industry groups and develop loan workstations.
  • Reorganize trade services into import and export departments by industry.
  • Combine Checking and reconcilement units and organize by client.
  • Develop feedback loops for Corporate client Services to operations units.
  • Eliminate un-necessary forms, handoffs, and approvals.
  • Increase authority levels for workstation personnel.
  • Match working hours to transaction arrival and process completion needs.

  • Significant improvement in service delivery and reduction of inquiries by 40%.
  • Trade Services turnaround improved from 48 hours to same day.
  • Workstations reduced handoffs by an average of 50% across the operations functions.
  • Job enrichment improved processor morale and eliminated backlogs.
  • A 20% Productivity Improvement across the division was achieved in 15 months.