Community Banking Model Implementation

Leading Financial Services Organization: Asia-Pacific


The client needed to redesign its retail banking organization and distribution systems to unite sales and service activities in order to increase efficiency, enhance the customer experience and deepen customer relationships. The previous direct sales model approach focused on product versus relationship selling leading to a subpar in-branch customer sales process and channel conflict with various siloed sales groups targeting the same customers.  Undertaking this restructuring would reposition the bank via a “Local Community Bank” image to penetrate and serve the market.  Furthermore, end-to-end branch processes required redesign and streamlining to enhance the customer experience and improve operational performance.  The bank-wide financial goal was a 20% improvement in Human Resource efficiency.

  • Creation of new in-branch joint sales and service positions and repositioning of outside sales force to improve customer experience.
  • Redesigning the organizational structure into a Community Banking focus from the ground up.
  • Reconfigure branch network structure into communities to better sell and serve to distinct marketplaces.
  • Development and institution of new branch MIS reporting tied to customer wait and serve time data and sales performance results.
  • Redesign of in-branch staff goals and job descriptions to emphasize customer service.
  • Rationalization of all branch processes.
  • Implementation of volume-based capacity plans to staff each branch across the network.
  • Centralize critical non-customer facing operational activities in branches.

  • Sales and Service integration was achieved through organizational restructuring, functional area creation and redesign, and reconfiguring staff goals to emphasize relationship selling.
  • All branch processes were reviewed and rationalized with a 45% reduction in the number of process handoffs and a 35% reduction in the number of associated documents to drive time savings.
  • Branch network was reconfigured under Community Banking Model with newly formed management positions.
  • Customer branch wait times in piloted community decreased by greater than 20% versus pre-rollout figures.
  • Technology enhancements were instituted to drive employee empowerment at the first point of customer contact in branches while centralizing non-customer facing activities.  
  • A 15% FTE savings was realized with a structured plan to reach 24% within 12 months.
  • Community Banking Model was approved for entire network rollout by client management.