Business Expansion & Reengineering

European Travel Card Company


Recently acquired card company required complete business process reengineering and design of new facilities to facilitate major expansion.

The culture was extremely inwardly focused with every function a separate silo. There was no collaboration between functions and process improvement was very difficult to achieve.


LoBue conducted a review of the entire organization, analyzing all processes, reporting, and service levels.

Key recommendations for action included:

  • Design and build an open space operations facilities, planning for the most efficient functional adjacencies and newly designed process.
  • Redesign all processes to eliminate unnecessary hand-offs and controls
  • Segment customers and create workgroups to service specific customer sets
  • Develop capacity and staff plans to allow for 100% transaction growth
  • Develop an MIS system to measure all critical business indices and design and implement a management process including weekly senior management review meetings


Entire business was reconfigured and new facilities were installed according to plan. The new facility had room for expansion of more than 100% increase in transaction activity.

Process design and the benefits of the redesigned facility resulted in a 35% reduction in operating expense and cycle times were reduced by 50%.

The successful program led to the processing facility becoming the central processing facility for all of Europe