United States

COVID-19 has permanently shifted work habits. New challenging technologies are poised to transform business. And it remains unclear how “America First” will express itself in the changing political landscape. These issues are just the tip of the iceberg faced by American companies. You must find a roadmap to success, acquire the tools to build a winning model, and find a way to catch up to new technologies, consumer preferences, production patterns, and trends. LoBue can get you there.

Post Investment Transformation
US Dental Chain
Blockchain/IT Platform PE Assessment for $3M Fund Raise
Blockchain Information Technology
PE Assessment for investment in logistics tech company
Logistics Technology
PE Assessment - Investment in Lead Generation Tech
Lead Generation Technology
Private Equity Assessment / $40M Fund Raise
Big Data / Cloud Modernization Firm
Investment Service & Ops Rationalization
Major US Based Mutual Fund Company
Insurance Industry Asbestos Crisis
Insurance Industry
Dental Services Organization Expansion
Private Equity Firm
Subsidiary Restructuring and Sale
Financial Services Technology Provider
Global BPO Turnaround
Global Outsourcing Solutions Provider
Trust & Investment Bank Sales
Trust Bank
Client Fulfillment Center Reengineering
Major Credit Reporting Agency
Trust & Investment Bank Cease & Desist
US Private Bank
Wealth Management Redesign
Large US Bank
System Conversion & Call Center Services
Subsidiary Bank of Wall Street Investment Bank
Mortgage Operations Improvement
Large Credit Card Provider
Trust & Embassy Bank Re-engineering
Mid-sized Regional Bank
Credit Card Processing
Mid-sized Credit Card Processor
Client Information Management
Large Credit Rating Firm
Public Bank Turnaround/Sale
Mid-Size Bank in Southeastern US
Securities Custody Business Evaluation
Securities Data Processing Service
Securities Processing Operations
Domestic Commercial Bank
Investment Reporting System
Private Banking/Office Group
Improved Processing Network
Sub-Prime Lender
Central Office Rationalization
Automotive Credit Corporation
Growth Crisis in Specialty Collections
Child Support Collections Company
Startup Operations & Client Services
B2B electronic payment startup
Solution for Failed Technology Program
U.S. Super-Regional Bank with Overseas Offices
Trade Finance Operation Systems Program
U.S. Office of a European-based Bank
Consumer Financial Services Division
US Domestic Commercial Bank
Stem Attrition of High Value Sales Staff
Finance Company Subsidiary of US Domestic Bank
Health Care Insurer Rationalization
Major Insurance Company
Internet Commerce Channel Design
Consumer Credit Corporation of Major Bank
Business-Wide Reengineering Program
Leading Vehicle Finance Co
Insurance Company Investment Services
Division of Major Insurance Company
Investment Banking Merger Integration
Investment Group
Business Focus Shift & Surging Demand
Fleet Fueling Card & Information Processor
Revitalization of HR Division
Advertising and Marketing Services Agency
Shared Services Center Development
Major US Direct Mail Marketer and Mass Advertising Mailer
Business Rationalization & Improvement
Mid-size Bank in Southeast US
Records Retention Center
Major Savings and Loan in Western US
Process & Service Improvement
Leading US Finance Company
Consumer Financial Services Division
Large US Bank
Global Infrastructure Improvement
International Specialty Bank