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LoBue is a boutique consulting firm that helps companies redesign their operations, improve their performance, and permanently change how they run their business.


LoBue: We’re Here for You

Carl LoBue

LoBue fulfills a simple mission: We make you successful.

We develop a deep understanding of your needs, your constraints, and your desired objectives. We define an appropriate direction forward. We redesign your business to point you straight towards your goals. And we work hand-in-hand to make sure you get there.

We’ve done this for nearly 40 years. We started as a small practice, founded by three banking executives, and we only served financial firms in North America. But we quickly expanded. We took on international clients. We took on clients in new industries. We have survived every crisis—from Savings-and-Loans, to the Internet Bubble, to the Great Recession—and learned from every market adjustment.

Today, we have become an international consulting firm that serves clients in 45 countries. We have expanded to multiple industries. And we have successfully completed over 400 projects.

But some things have not changed.

We still value integrity and trust.

We still focus on continuous improvement— yours and ours.

And we still keep our mission simple. We’re here to make you happy. We’re here to make your business run better. Were here to make you successful.

Your LoBue Team

Success begins with the right team.

Our consultants give you the skills, experience, and expertise you need to bring your project to life.

Every LoBue consultant has developed real-world, global project experience in a wealth of industries. They have trained in elite frameworks, including Lean Six Sigma and PMP. And they have deep, practical experience implementing our structured program methodology.

We thoughtfully assign the right consultants to your project. You will gain dedicated team members who know your industry, your challenges, and what needs to be done to make your project a success.

Your LoBue Leaders

We have seen, stared down, and overcome each of your challenges before.

Each of our associates is a former executive with meaningful experience in every area of your business — from the Back Office to the Board Room. They will work hand-in-hand with you during every phase of your project. They will share your obsession to define, meet, and exceed your business objectives.

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Carl LoBue Sr.

Chairman of the Board

Over the last four decades Carl has developed one big insight— if you improve your business infrastructure, you will improve your results. For nearly 40 years, Carl has proven this point by re-engineering dozens of global enterprises to measurably increase their efficiency, improve their sales, and multiply their market value.

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Roy LoBue

Chief Executive Officer

Roy has designed, directed, and implemented organization-wide transformations that generate over $100 million in annual savings. He’s learned that organization-wide transformations only succeed when the full leadership team believes in it, drives it, and brings it to life for their people.

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Market Cap Increases Affected

US$ 1B+

Cost Savings


Transformational Projects Globally


Staff Positively Affected Globally

High-Touch Service,
with a Global Reach

Every country brings its own unique challenges, opportunities, and requirements.

We will keep your unique context top of mind. We will only recommend actions that can be effectively completed in your locale. We will align our plans to the rate of pace you can realistically absorb. And we will only apply those “global best practices” to your business that really do apply to everyone, everywhere, every time.

United States & Canada

COVID-19 has permanently shifted work habits. New challenging technologies are poised to transform business. And it remains unclear how “America First” will express itself in the changing political landscape. These issues are just the tip of the iceberg faced by American companies. You must find a roadmap to success, acquire the tools to build a winning model, and find a way to catch up to new technologies, consumer preferences, production patterns, and trends. LoBue can get you there.

Latin America and Caribbean

Political turmoil. Currency instability. Unfair practices. Interests in this region have many challenges to overcome if they will remain competitive… especially against increasing challenges from Asia Pacific. Their solution lies in individual productivity, open markets, and more efficient production and exporting of commodities— all while meeting demands from 5G, streaming data, and real-time business practices. Leverage LoBue’s long history of helping South American companies evolve.

Eurozone and Eastern Block

Brexit is just the beginning. Every year, the EU becomes more and more unsettled. And you cannot depend on bureaucrats and political rules to keep your interests in this market safe, productive, and competitive. Instead, you must enhance your productivity, increase your flexibility, and separate your own self from the winners and the losers. LoBue can help you set — and achieve — your own agenda

Middle East & Africa

Productivity challenges. Increased global competition. Declining revenues from energy markets. And the ever-present threats of instability and politically-motivated incidents. Middle Eastern companies have never faced so many challenges— nor as pressing a need to increase their operational performance simply to survive. At LoBue, we have transformed companies in the Middle East for over 30 years. We have the experience, expertise, and grounding in the region to drive your growth.

Asia Pacific

The landscape is changing. Challenges are increasing. Trade practices are shifting, technology best practices are being upended, and demand is being disrupted through new energy production methods, mass adoption of 5G, and electric vehicles transforming the supply chain. You must become more flexible, efficient, and forward-thinking to meet these challenges. And LoBue can help you on that path. We have been guiding companies through this region since 1981.

Latin America and Caribbean


Representative Clients List

  • Citibank Argentina

  • Experian – Serasa

  • Citibank Brazil

  • Unibanco

  • Citibank

  • Banamex


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