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Repositioning of Consumer Finance Co.


UK Consumer Finance Co.


Entire Company



Major Functions:

Operations, Branches, Head Office


This UK Consumer Finance Business had recently acquired deposit taking authority and wanted to re-configure the Distribution system for effectiveness against Consumer Finance products and liability gathering. Additionally, the client wished to reduce direct operating costs to bring margins in line with parent peer group.

LoBue Recommendation

  • Centralize all non-customer facing functions and create a call center for customer service functions.
  • Relocate several Branch locations from undesirable locations to position them as liability gathering offices.
  • Develop incentive compensation for account officers for asset product sales and liability accounts.
  • Streamline all head office functions through Business Process Reengineering effort.
  • Install management MIS system and monthly review process.

Real Results

  • 15% direct expense reduction through centralization program.
  • 20% of branches relocated. Liability gathering increased significantly within 6 months of change.
  • Asset product sales increased 23% in first year.
  • Headquarters functions staffing reduced by 25%.
  • Margins met peer group hurdle beginning of year 2.

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