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Privatization & Cultural Transformation


Major South Asian Bank


Retail, Corporate Banking and Treasury Operations


Chairman and CEO

Major Functions:

Branch Operations, Central Operations, Corporate Banking, Trade Services, Customer Service, Loan Operations, Treasury Operations, Accounting


One of the largest South Asian Banks was challenged to privatize a former government owned institution. Operating in excess of 1000 retail branches and a significant Corporate and Middle Market Banking function, the bank was facing increasing competitive pressures from the influx of foreign banks and the, changing regulatory environment. LoBue Associates was asked to assess and restructure the sales and service functions across the retail, corporate and treasury operations and to recommend programs reducing excessive expenses and to position the institution for a steady revenue growth.

LoBue Recommendation

The following LoBue recommendations were implemented in this bank-wide project:

  • Designed a customer service oriented Model Branch transforming the branch network from an inward, production function focus to a customer and service oriented organization. The customer service environment was reorganized around the customers' needs and preferences, to facilitate one-stop shopping for all routine banking services and transactions while reducing customer wait times, establishing timeliness standards, reducing error rates and establishing quality standards.
  • Recommended the separation of the sales function into an independent sales organization for retail banking, developed the requisite controls and reporting structure. Designed sales territories and recommended detailed sales targets.
  • Established regional processing centers in each region, relocating processing functions from branch customer contact staff to the RPC's.
  • Redesigned the corporate and retail credit functions, shortening the credit approval process by 10 days and reducing significant redundancies that existed.
  • Designed and implemented an MIS work measurement program throughout all retail, corporate and operations areas, capturing volumes for more than 100 types of transactions and/or activities measuring individual, branch and regional performance.
  • Recommended client segmentation in the corporate banking area based on client size and business type. Actively supported the development of the bank’s planned enterprise system by recommendation of process changes and implementation plans.

Real Results

  • The client bank realized direct savings of US $22 million per annum, inclusive of the costs of establishing and staffing 4 new regional processing centers. Identified additional savings exceeding US $12 million per year upon full implementation and upon installation of the new enterprise system solution.
  • Eliminated processing backlogs and installed a disciplined key information management protocol.

Laid the foundation for a comprehensive sales growth program with the establishment of a dedicated retail sales organization and managed sales targets.

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