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Bank Privatizition and IPO readiness


Latin American Government Bank


Corporate and International


International Banking, Corporate Banking


The institution desired to take the first steps towards identifying necessary actions required for privatization. The Bank's efficiency ratio and other measures were out of line with their  peer group and customer service was suffering.

LoBue Group was asked to conduct an assessment to identify the key areas for improving the Bank's operations. The objective of the review was to position the Bank for privatization.

LoBue Recommendation

LoBue completed a review of the entire organization and conducted a pilot implementation in the Corporate and International division. The recommendations for the bank were:

  • Develop a management information system to support a cultural shift in the organization to a results oriented enterprise.
  • Separate Consumer, Corporate and Private Banking into lines of business, each with defined goals.
  • Centralize, by region, branch back office operations.
  • Establish a Credit Card Services call center.
  • Implement an Account Officer tracking and support system to improve productivity and sales efforts.

Real Results

The prototype for centralization of International back office functions was conducted and the following firsts for the institution were implemented:

  • 30% improvement in productivity
  • Results oriented MIS implemented with senior management dashboards
  • Dramatic improvement in transaction timeliness and quality
  • Elimination of serious customer service backlogs
  • Development of Job Descriptions and Production standards for all functions

Additionally, based on Institution wide staffing assessments 4,000 FTE were eliminated in the first year, (12.5% reduction).

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