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IT Program for Corp & Retail Banking


Large International Bank


International Banking


Chief Manager

Major Functions:

Corporate and Retail Banking Systems


This bank identified the need to implement a new IT platform within its international operations unit. The project was three years old and had not progressed past a single pilot installation. Additionally, further evaluation of the current status suggested an additional 27 months to fully complete the rollout.

LoBue was asked to develop a comprehensive implementation methodology and roadmap to shorten the project timeline and decrease the risks associated with the current program failures.

LoBue Recommendation

LoBue determined that the client had an inefficient and resource-intensive organization of 8,000 staff, with process routines that were neither standardized or documented. As a result LoBue recognized the need to conduct a Business Process Reengineering of the process environment before the new system could be rolled out in an efficient manner. Specific recommendations and results included:

  • The need to institute an operations reengineering effort to yield substantial benefits and increase the probability of success of the system implementation effort.
  • Re-orienting the project assignment from a system roll-out plan to a business process re-design program.
  • A reengineering plan for 27 countries which included: scenario, methodology, resource requirements, project management, control process and potential timetable.
  • A standard reengineering manual based on LoBue’s PSI methodology, but tailored to the bank’s terminology, concepts and needs.
  • The need to implement a two-year project plan which would result in savings of US$15 – $30 million per year.

Real Results

  • Provided the client with a road map including benefits, cost and timetable for the reengineering effort, which would guarantee results and install a quantitative-based management culture.
  • Developed a standardized reengineering manual.
  • Provided the reengineering project plan, including methodology, process, schedule, resources and benefit calculations.
  • First year savings of US$13 Million were achieved.

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