LoBue Digital Enablement Services – Transform Your Business

Design, Deliver, and Drive a New Digital-First Business

LoBue Digital Enablement Services - Transform Your Business

Go Deeper Than Digital Trends and Buzzwords

LoBue Digital Enablement Services can help to transform your business by sharpening your current digital state— clarify your CX requirements, upgrade your agility, modernize your processes, and free your people to deliver on your digital vision.

Step 1 – Opportunity Identification

Our first step, LoBue Digital Enablement Services will uncover where you can optimize your performance, efficiency, and customer experience by coupling effective process design and digital transformation. We collect and analyze a comprehensive set of enterprise data representing the current reality of your functions, systems, processes, and customer experience. We measure your digital readiness, establish an organizational-wide baseline, define the gaps in your skills & strategy, and identify your unique opportunities.

Step 2 – Innovation Design

Secondly, LoBue Digital Enablement Services develop a new digital-driven operating model that defines how your processes and organization will capitalize on your opportunities. We draw up a granular design for your new digital world that establishes how your business will operate after transformation, including impacts on both your efficiency and customer experience.

Step 3 – Focused Implementation

Next, LoBue Digital Enablement Services will develop a new digital-driven operating model that defines how your processes and organization will capitalize on your opThen. Then roll up our sleeves, and work side-by-side with your leaders to ensure your digital transformation successfully comes to life. We ready each function, get your people on-board with the coming changes, and direct your entire organization towards transformation. We systematically test, tweak, and roll out each of your key digital enabled initiatives until they soon become the new normal.

Step 4 – Performance Management

Finally, at LoBue, we take continued action to make sure you realize the results we guaranteed. We establish your Transformation Center of Excellence to provide hands-on support through any ongoing digital challenges you might encounter. We set up performance dashboards that quantify, track, and prove your transformation’s benefits via actionable KPIs. We do whatever it takes to deliver on every promise we made when you initiated your Digital Enablement engagement.

Real Results Examples for Digital Enablement

International Private Bank

Major Money Center Bank, Asia Pacific Location

The Private Bank was saddled with very high direct and allocated expenses for it’s Asia Pacific Private Bank due to poor coordination between country operations and layered decisioning processes.

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Trade Finance Operation Systems Program

U.S. Office of a European-based Bank

Client desired to eliminate paper flow in trade processing and improve operating efficiency.

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Credit Services Operations Restructuring

Major Credit Rating Agency

Client had a multi-million dollar run rate expense issue across the entire organization. Initial high-priority focus centered on Operations, requiring in-depth evaluation of opportunities for generating greater efficiencies.

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