Roy LoBue
Chief Executive Officer
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The senior management team drives the change at every organization. They can’t just design new strategic solutions and walk away. They need to take equal responsibility for executing their strategy, and modeling the change they wish to build.

Roy has designed, directed, and implemented organization-wide transformations that generate over $100 million in annual savings. He’s learned that organization-wide transformations only succeed when the full leadership team believes in it, drives it, and brings it to life for their people.

He has spent over 15 years working with companies of every size—from small businesses to the Fortune 500—in both domestic and international markets. He has worked directly with senior leadership to design, execute, and drive meaningful results from new strategic solutions that improve quality, controls, productivity, and efficiency.

Now, Roy leads program delivery for LoBue’s global projects, acting as a key point of contact for your leadership team.

When you work with Roy, you get a driving force for your organization design, process rationalization, customer experience improvement, delivery assurance, functional cost analysis, and change leadership.

Career Highlights

  • Reduced annual costs by $21 million, increased operational capacity by 23%, and drove growth-oriented restructuring for the largest credit bureau in Brazil.
  • Implemented operating efficiencies in excess of $13 million and increased branch sales levels by 25% at a major North African commercial bank.
  • Realized $12 million in annual efficiencies and increased Direct Sale capacity by 45% at a major Middle Eastern bank.
  • Generated annual savings of $7 million and produced recognized work reduction of over 27% across in-scope areas at Saudi Arabia’s largest bank.
  • Achieved MBA from the University of Massachusetts with an emphasis on advanced Business Analytics.

Roy’s Latest Insights

Feb 13, 2021

Want to Transform Your Culture? You Hold the Keys to Performance and Innovation

It’s a common issue, but one that’s hard to put your finger on. You notice there is something “off” about your corporate culture.

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