Carl LoBue Sr.
Chairman of the Board
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If you want to stay viable in today’s rapidly changing market, you need more than just a strong vision & strategy. You need to execute your vision. You need to make your strategy work in the real world.

Over the last four decades Carl has developed one big insight— if you improve your business infrastructure, you will improve your results. For nearly 40 years, Carl has proven this point by re-engineering dozens of global enterprises to measurably increase their efficiency, improve their sales, and multiply their market value.

Carl works at the top of the enterprise, teaching senior leaders how to optimize their business infrastructure, how to turn around their troubled companies, and how to survive—and even thrive—during critical moments of global transformation. At all times he keeps leaders focused on what truly matters for their business and their career: delivering real results.

Carl places a special emphasis on acquisition due diligence, company turnarounds, pre-and-post-IPO transformation, and private equity consulting. He has served multiple industries—including Distribution, Manufacturing, Health Care, and Insurance—but he has focused his career on serving the Financial Services industry.

When you work with Carl, you gain real-world insights developed over four decades of global change, challenge, and opportunity.

Career Highlights

  • Working as Vice President of CitiBank N.A. and Senior Vice-President at Crocker National Bank
  • Serving on the Board of Directors at Homestead Savings, California Federal Bank, and People’s Bank of California
  • Founding the LoBue Group in 1981.
  • Consulting with Senior Executives in 45+ countries.
  • Leading multiple financial service industry mergers and acquisitions
  • Guiding financial institutions through multiple crisis, including Savings & Loans, the Internet Bubble, and the Great Recession
  • Rationalizing the Asbestos Insurance remediation program
  • Improving market cap by over 400%, and market value by over 950% at Financial institutions

Carl`s latest Insights

Dec 1, 2020

Reducing Costs is So Passé… Or Is It?

Let’s start with a statement that will sound obvious, but which seems to have been forgotten— Profits can come from anywhere.

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Apr 12, 2021

Are You Assessing Your Operations Regularly?

You prepare for a Board meeting, excited to discuss the big, strategic, revenue-generating initiatives that you are working on. But as soon as you step into the room, the Board takes you to task for failures in your basic operational performance….

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