Industry Spotlight: Insurance

Your industry faces an unprecedented opportunity to develop sustained profits, align tightly with your customers, and capitalize on emerging markets.

Yet most insurance companies are held back by aging technology, rapidly changing regulations, and overwhelming operating costs.

With LoBue, you will restructure your key customer touch points, adopt efficient and transparent technology, and develop activity based key management indicators to stay ahead of your many risks.  Visit our success stories below or contact us to discuss how we can support your transformational goals.

Real Solution Results for Insurance

Insurance Company Investment Services

Division of Major Insurance Company

This retirement services business was suffering from poor management discipline, slow response to competitive realities, and antiquated service delivery capabilities.

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Health Care Insurer Rationalization

Major Insurance Company

Major Health Care Insurer with three lines of business desired to rationalize the Corporate support organization costing $850 million year. Management targeted savings of $30 million annually.

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Global Multi-Line Insurance Co.

Major European Insurer

Support functions for European units were inconsistent and costly.

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Practical Insights For Your Industry

Feb 2, 2021

Digital Transformation Success: The Missing Step

You knew digital transformation was coming.  You saw the technology trends…  You saw the change in generations…  Most of all, you saw the benefits.

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Dec 1, 2020

Reducing Costs is So Passé… Or Is It?

Let’s start with a statement that will sound obvious, but which seems to have been forgotten— Profits can come from anywhere.

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Feb 13, 2021

Want to Transform Your Culture? You Hold the Keys to Performance and Innovation

It’s a common issue, but one that’s hard to put your finger on. You notice there is something “off” about your corporate culture.

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