Industry Spotlight: Healthcare

Your industry is caught between an increasingly restrictive and punitive regulatory environment, a rapidly expanding customer base with expectations of high-touch service, and a complex value chain being overturned at every point by digital transformation.

Just one of those challenges would be enough to stymie growth— and when you face all three, you are running faster and faster just to stay in place.

With LoBue, you will increase operational efficiencies across multiple sites, reduce your complex risk profile, and develop and drive a digital strategy focused on customer experience.  Visit our success stories below or contact us to discuss how we can support your transformational goals.

Real Solution Results for Health Care

Global BPO Turnaround

Global Outsourcing Solutions Provider

A global BPO firm providing direct to Consumer and Business- related contact center and back-office processing solutions needed to re-structure its organization and rationalize its processes, in order to remain competitive in the market.

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Trade Finance Operation Systems Program

U.S. Office of a European-based Bank

Client desired to eliminate paper flow in trade processing and improve operating efficiency.

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Investment Banking Merger Integration

Newly Merged Money Center Bank

The merger of two Global Banks required the integration of the respective Investment & Private Banking divisions. The LoBue Group was called in when merger fell 12 months behind schedule.

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Practical Insights For Your Industry

Feb 2, 2021

Digital Transformation Success: The Missing Step

You knew digital transformation was coming.  You saw the technology trends…  You saw the change in generations…  Most of all, you saw the benefits.

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Dec 1, 2020

Reducing Costs is So Passé… Or Is It?

Let’s start with a statement that will sound obvious, but which seems to have been forgotten— Profits can come from anywhere.

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Feb 13, 2021

Want to Transform Your Culture? You Hold the Keys to Performance and Innovation

It’s a common issue, but one that’s hard to put your finger on. You notice there is something “off” about your corporate culture.

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